“The Q” is a project that explores the nature of human sexuality, interaction and identity. It’s a question that asks who we really are and what we represent.

The Q is a conglomerate, a place of discussion and exploration, where people of different genders, sexes, sexualities and backgrounds can come together in a safe space and ponder what it really means to be a being on this earth.

“Team Q” is a collective of individuals who are willing to ask questions and explore the scope and depth of human interaction, sexual exploration and identity. Team Q is ever-changing. No matter who you are and what you represent, you can and are a part of Team Q. We want you to join us. We want to see this expand.

Team Q is not just experimental. It is creative. The goal is to explore ourselves and each other, to amass an abundance of stories, anecdotes, musings, statements of belief and intent – and turn it into art. At this point stories will become articles, blog posts and eventually a piece of theatre. Who knows what could happen after that…

This blog is a hub of the experiment, malleable and porous, soaking up our excess and turning it into discussion. There is no such thing as a dull moment, no such story is bad. There is no normal, we are all ‘other’ and we should be proud.

We want to hear from you. We want you to join in the discussion. You are already one of us. You are already The Q.



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